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Предлагаю познакомиться немного с нашими кровными братьями.
Реорганизованная Церковь Иисуса Христа святых последних дней.

История до смерти Джозефа Смита у нас общая.

а вот , вкратце, что было далее

Joseph and Hyrum Smith, along with other church leaders, were imprisoned in Carthage, Illinois, to wait a hearing on charges growing out of the destruction. Although they had been promised protection by the Illinois governor, a mob was able to break through into the jail. On June 27, 1844, the Smith brothers were murdered.


Years of Confusion and Disorganization (1844-1860)

Joseph’s death left the church without any clear leadership. Many believed that Joseph Smith Jr. had designated his son, Joseph Smith III, to be his successor; however, "Young Joseph" was only eleven years old when his father was killed.

Some decided to wait until "Young Joseph" grew old enough to take his rightful place in leadership. Others followed leaders with varying claims to leadership, scattering in all directions. Still others decided they had had enough and found other religious homes.

As the years passed, many of those who had left Nauvoo with various groups began to gather together. They had tried to find leaders who followed the original doctrines but concluded that none existed. So they banded together in a loose affiliation they called the New Organization.

Jason Briggs
(Community of Christ archives)

Zenos Gurley
(Community of Christ archives)

Jason Briggs  and Zenos Gurley  were two of the leaders in this organization. Briggs had been involved in other splinter groups but found disappointment in each. In 1851, he had a spiritual experience on his farmland prairie that gave him new hope for recovering the spirit, beliefs, purpose, and structure of the original church. He wrote his experience and began to share it with friends. Although some had some questions about his authority to receive a revelation for the entire group, they prayed and received testimony of its truthfulness.

Zenos Gurley had a similar experience. In 1851, he had a visionary experience in which he was told that God would raise up a prophet. Eventually he received a copy of Briggs’ revelation, and the two groups joined together in 1852 to wait for a descendant of Joseph Smith to become their prophet.


Joseph Smith III (1860-1914)

Joseph Smith III
(Community of Christ archives)

Joseph Smith III was only eleven years old when his father was murdered. After that experience, he had nothing to do with any of the splinter groups that left Nauvoo, nor did he have any interest initially in joining with the New Organization. When Briggs and Samuel Gurley came to visit him in 1856 to invite him to become church president, he was not flattered. His initial reaction was to reject their invitation strongly. After further reflection, he told them that before he could accept their invitation, he would have to have a testimony of his own.

"During the next four years, he struggled with this decision, finally receiving his testimony of the rightness of the call in the fall of 1859. He and his mother attended the 1860 conference in Amboy, Illinois, where he shared a statement about his struggle. Then he was presented to the people and unanimously accepted as their "prophet, seer, and revelator."

Early in his administration, Joseph faced pressures from those who had differing viewpoints about the need and desire to gather together in community. He remembered problems from previous years, when adequate preparations had not been made, and encouraged members to be wise in their decisions. Rather than seeing the building of Zion as a short-term enterprise, Joseph sensed that building the kingdom of God would be a difficult and long-term activity. Helping members understand this became a high priority.

Another problem Joseph faced dealt with the church’s economic needs. There were several significant factors—but a primary one was that there was no clearly defined and accepted structure for gathering and administering funds. The Presiding Bishopric took over that role, and tithing began to be understood as the giving of one-tenth of what was left after necessary needs were met.

Since members of the New Organization had come from many different splinter groups, they obviously brought with them varying beliefs. They were not shy about expressing them either in their preaching or in the church’s publications, and this resulted in major conflict. Briggs and Gurley, who had been instrumental in putting together the new organization, eventually were brought before the church on charges, and they ultimately resigned their membership in 1886.

Marietta Walker
(Community of Christ archives)

Joseph encouraged the development of several church publications. The True Latter Day Saints' Herald was the official church magazine, and it was supported by various tracts and pamphlets focused on missionary outreach. There were also other publications in countries where the church was established—Wales, England, Australia, and Tahiti. Materials were developed for children and youth, including Zion's Hope, begun in 1869, with Marietta Walker as managing editor. Autumn Leaves was begun in 1888 and was designed for young men and women.

(Community of Christ archives)

As education had been important in the early church, it continued to be so under Joseph’s leadership. After much discussion about its purpose, a proposal for a liberal arts college in Lamoni, Iowa, was adopted in 1888.  Opening in 1895, Graceland College  (now University) was designed to be a place open to members of all denominations as both students and instructors, a place for students to hear differing viewpoints. Although Graceland had financial difficulties for many of its early years, it continued to operate, graduating its first class (of one) in 1898.

Joseph Smith Jr. had begun a "New Translation" of the Bible early in the church’s history, but it was never published during his lifetime. His wife, Emma Smith Bidamon, held on to the manuscript after her husband’s death and gave it to the church after her son, Joseph Smith III, took leadership. Editing work began in 1866, and it was published in 1867.

Joseph Smith III


Сейчас общины Сообщества Христа перестали регистрировать себя в России.

К слову сказать.
Сейчас  у них есть и мужское и женское священство.

Во главе церкви стоит на сегодняшний день Stephen M. Veazey, и что интересно один из его советников прекрасная женщина, Becky L. Savage.

Книгу Мормона в России не используют, а в Учениях и Заветах не менее, чем 163 раздела, последний из которых принадлежит ныне живущему пророку.

Храм перестал выполнять те функции, что были  ранее.
Просто место молитвы и насыщения Духом.

После смерти Джозефа Смита повторно вышла замуж Эмма Смит и вместе с детьми была членом этой общины.

Статистика говорит о 250 000 последователей на сегодняшний день в 50 странах.
Община представлена и в России и на Украине.

По вопросу об официальном представлении в России, речь может идти о не менее, чем 1997 годе.
Институт апостольства сохранен.



а в РФ они где есть, в каких городах? и есть ли у них сайт?


в России в Москве, Сибири и Центральной части России.
Сайт только на английском.

Найти  в нете проблем не составляет.


вот молодцы они
помогли в беде

Community of Christ Sends Aid to People Devastated by Earthquake in Haiti

The nation of Haiti experienced the devastating power of a 7.0 magnitude earthquake on Tuesday, January 12. Apostle Bunda Chibwe, assigned to the Africa/Haiti Mission Field, had brief email contact with Haiti Mission Centre Financial Officer Michel Rosier late Tuesday evening.

"At this time Michel has not been able to assess the shelter, food, and clothing needs of the people or the damage to our churches and schools. We know the need and the damage is extensive, but we do not know specific details," said Apostle Chibwe. "We will continue to share information about our brothers and sisters in Haiti as it becomes available."

This afternoon, Presiding Bishop Steve Jones announced that $25,000 from the church’s Oblation Fund will be donated to the Red Cross to offer immediate survival aid to the Haitian people. In addition, all contributions to the Oblation Fund between now and February 7, 2010 will be used for relief to Haiti. The situation will continue to be evaluated and additional funds will be made available as needed.

In the face of overwhelming events it is even more important that we stop and pray. Our prayers, joined with the prayers of our brothers and sisters around the world, provide a powerful support to the Haitian people. We will continue to pray for those who have lost family, friends, and homes, for those coming to the country to provide relief, search and rescue, medical attention, and other needs, and for the nation and its leaders as they begin to assess damage and look toward rebuilding.

In addition to your prayers, donations can be made to the Oblation Fund in a number of ways.


Contact Made with Church Leaders in Haiti
15 January 2010

Apostle Bunda Chibwe and Executive Assistant Steve Graffeo were able to speak with Michel Rosier, Haiti Mission Centre Financial Officer this morning on the phone. "Michel reported to us that his home is destroyed and he and his family are living in the street. Renand Hilaire, our Mission Center President and 3 of his children sustained injuries when their home was destroyed and they too are living in the street," said Graffeo.

We have been able to determine that most of the damage and destruction has occurred within the Department of the West. Community of Christ has more than 10,000 members in this area along with 40 churches and 20 schools.

"At this time we know that the school in Petionville is completely destroyed and the church standing near the school has sustained major damage," said Graffeo. "We have confirmed the deaths of 7 church members." He continued, "On a more hopeful note, we learned that the school had just released all the children for the day minutes before the earthquake hit, hopefully enabling the children to be out of the building before it collapsed."

Apostle Chibwe was also able to speak with Faustin Charlestin, a world church minister in Haiti, on the phone last night. Faustin’s home has been completely leveled and he and his family are living in the only church still standing in Croix de Bouquet. He was deeply moved to hear from Apostle Chibwe and to know members around the world are praying for him and his people.

"When I asked Faustin how the people were doing, he said the church is packed with people who have no where else to go. Then he shouted, ‘Praise be to God’ and then I heard a chorus of voices in the background shout back to him, ‘Praise to the Lord, Praise to the Lord,’" said Chibwe. "And then I heard singing. In my African heritage, when a man cries it is seen as a sign of weakness but when I heard that singing tears started dropping from my eyes. I wondered how these people who have lost so much could still praise the Lord at a time like this. Their faith has touched me deeply."

Chibwe continued, "When I asked Faustin how we could help he replied immediately, ‘Everything is destroyed, there are dead bodies everywhere. Continue to pray for us. We need prayer.’"